Our goal is to work with you to formulate a strategy based on those unique needs.

We take care delivering your message directly to high potential professionals with your brand in mind.  We specialize in overcoming objections/perceptions in telling your unique story so we capture the interest of capable talent.


Search Strategy & Research  

Candidate Evaluations

Presentation of Finalists

Interview Process

Closing The Deal

We take the time to understand our clients’ culture, needs, competitive edge and dominant values in order to develop a comprehensive search plan and profile.

Utilizing information gathered during evaluation and with our research our search team complies a thorough list of key targets, allows us to present your opportunity to highly qualified professionals. We practice target recruiting (headhunting) combined with the most current technology to reach the true passive candidates.

The candidate qualifying process is thorough and designed to save time by ensuring only the top finalists are brought in for interviews. We demonstrate to the candidate why your opportunity aligns with their career goals. We utilize Behavior/Values and Performance based interview techniques. Throughout this step, we will be providing you with feedback which is critical to keep search moving forward as well as allowing us o make any changes early in the process.

We present only the best 3 to 5 finalists that are fully vetted. We will compile finalist summaries and conduct in-depth reference checks at the appropriate point in your process so you can get a snapshot of their history.

We will facilitate introductions & interviews and ensure that both the finalists and client are fully prepared. At conclusion of meeting, we will gather feedback from both finalists and client allowing us to make necessary adjustments. At this point, we will handle preparations for subsequent interviews with your team.

During this process, we will re-evaluate the finalists’ commitment to your opportunity. We will work you to draft an offer. Our ability to act as a mediator during this step prevents a protracted negotiation. We offer our finalists resignation counseling and provide support between acceptance and start date to ensure a successful transition throughout the on-boarding process.