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High Technology

Our clients in this practice include Computer Hardware/Software, Satellite, Vision Systems, Equipment, Electronic Components and more.  From highly specified Engineering talent to Senior Management requirements, our High Technology practice group is focused on providing our clients with results on some of the most niche technology areas.  



 Type of Company

 Vice President, Engineering
Director of Marketing Communication
Director of Sales
Senior Engineer
Regional Sales Direcor
Director of Operations
Software Engineer
Applications Engineering Manager
Software Program Manager

 Satellite Navigation Systems
3D Printer Systems
Frequency Control Products
Geospatial Imaging Technology
Global Solutions Provider
Electronic Components
Advanced Audio/Video Technology
Machine Vision Systems
Identification Software


Client has historically been one of the premier branded companies in the United States, but need to redirect their product focus towards digital imaging software technology.  

MSI was brought in to identify several Software Engineers and Program Managers that would develop products to transform this company's future. The challenge was that this type of software talent was in high demand and our Client was not known or attractive as a high technology products company, so MSI needed to be extremely effective at selling and exciting the talent pool about the Client's products and career opportunities. The result was over a four year period we recruited over 30 professionals to join this Client!