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During our 24+ years of finding talent for Corporate America, MSI has partnered with a diverse group of companies.  Included in these are many organizations that are service providers, distributors of products and/or value added resellers.




 Type of Company

Chief Financial Officer
Lab Director
Director of Compensation
Contracts Administrator
Operations Manager

Municipal Water Supply
Product Testing
Construction Rental
Government Research
Retail Distribution


Client is a global research company located in New England.  Recently, through a strategic shift in business philosophy, they re-organized and set new, aggresive growth/expansion plans.  Two key positions:  Executive Director of Global Sales & Marketing and Director of Sales were identified as critical in leading the change in market focus.

A thorough understanding of culture, strategy and vision was imperative in articulating the CEO's message to potential finalists.  Two exceptional individuals were attracted for these positions.  The impact of their presence was immediate and set the stage for ultimate achievement of the new growth strategy.