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Information Technologies

Our Information Technology practice is rich with experience supporting critical needs within Information Techology/Systems.  Our consultants ability to understand the unique aspect of an ever changing IT landscape enables us to meet the challenges of the demanding sector.



 Type of Company

Vice President, IT
Director of IM Infrastructure
Manager of Software Development
Chief Information Officer
MIS Manager
Director of Information Technology
Director of Systems Technology

Industrial Products Manufacturer
Information Resource Corporation
Environmental Firm
Consumer Products
High Technology
E-Commerce Startup 


Client is a traditional metals based manufacturing corporation that has experienced significant growth over the last 5 years due to numerous domestic and global acquisitions.  

Their IT challenge was they were trying to function in North America with three different operating systems and had no communication established with their Europe and Asia acquisitions. 

MSI was tasked with identifying an individual who could create synergy throughout global IT., evaluate and reorganize the talent base, and select the future ERP platform. 

The key was to find a person who had done this already, and wanted to do it again!!   Through our active recruiting campaign into complex businesses where we were successful at identifying people who have faced similar challenges. 

Our challenge was to find businesses that operated on a global basis similar to our client.