Follow-up Letter


  • Keeps your name in front of employer
  • Reinforce your qualifications
  • Shows interest & enthusiasm
  • It is an example of your communication skills
  • Makes you stand out above competition
  • Small effort for a large reward

Instructions for an effective follow-up letter

  • Ask for business cards from everyone you meet with
  • Be sure you have correct spelling of name & title for everyone you met with (will be easy if you have their business card)
  • Send ASAP (same day)
  • Send one to each person you interviewed with. Try to customize letter
  • Be professional. Don’t mention other opportunities or say you have multiple opportunities.
  • Grammar – have someone else proofread it.v
  • Don’t mention salary or benefits!

Include in letter:

  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time
  • Express confidence in doing the job
  • 3 reasons why you can do the job
  • Express interest in pursuing the opportunity and that you look forward to hearing from him/her soon.

     CLICK HERE to see a sample follow-up letter (pdf file).